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TGM226 Automatic Moisture AnalyzerNEW!

  • TGM226 Automatic Moisture Analyzer

    TGM226 Automatic Moisture Analyzer is used to determine the total moisture and air dry basis moisture in various samples.

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    Working Principle:
    TGM226 Automatic Moisture Analyzer adopts the controllable direct drying method, and measures sample mass change under this environment by setting the temperature and atmosphere, and obtains the test result of the sample moisture. It is mainly composed of temperature control system, gas circuit module and weighing module. The test sample is placed in the furnace with accurate temperature control and atmosphere provided by temperature control system and gas circuit module. The weighing module provides the real-time mass data during drying process and automatically determine constant weight conditions and calculate the results.

    Big capacity for batch testing
    Available to test 26 samples per batch, big capacity crucible(35ml) can be applied to test a variety of samples.

    Easy operation
    The sample loader of a proper height and large touch screen make operation easier and more convenient.

    High Automation and efficiency
    After loading, the procedure will carry on as required to control temperature change, weigh sample, and calculate constant weight and test result. Operator can walk away and control more than one equipment simultaneously.

    Smart in technology
    1.Built-in balance can weigh samples continuously in real time without cooling down. External balance is available for option as well.
    2.Flexible setting function, capable to set temperature, atmosphere and report content as required.
    3.Thermal weight curve (temperature -mass changes curve) can be drawn and display in real time.

    Accurate and precise
    Avoid human mistakes of traditional method in weighing, transmission and calculation through self-inspection, the analyzer guarantees a more accurate and precise test result.

    Model TGM226 Automatic Moisture Analyzer
    Max. Sample Loading 26
    Sample Mass 0-30g
    Balance Resolution 0.0001g
    Temp. Range 0-200℃
    Temp. Control Precision ±2℃
    Temp. Rise Speed 0-30℃/min
    Temp. Control Stage 20
    Gas Supplied Air/Nitrogen
    Gas Flow 0-20L/min
    Overheating Protection YES
    Power Supply Single phase, AC220±10%, 50/60Hz, ≤1kW
    Net weight 50kg
    Dimensions(L×W×H) 700mm×600mm×450mm

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