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5E Series Muffle Furnace

  • CKIC 5E-MF6100K Muffle Furnace
  • CKIC 5E-MF6100K Muffle Furnace
  • CKIC 5E-MF6100K Muffle Furnace
  • CKIC 5E-MF6100K Muffle Furnace

    5E Series Muffle Furnace is used to determine the ash, volatile matter in coal, coke, biomass and other organic material.

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    Standard Configuration: Main analyzer  
    Ash crucibles  
    Volatile matter crucibles  
    Lids for volatile matter crucibles  
    Holder for ash crucible 
    Holder for volatile matter

    Models Available:
    5E-MF6400 Muffle Furnace
    5E-MF6100K Muffle Furnace

    Features:Unique Feature - The furnace can be connected with CLIMS 
    1. Over-temp alarm and SCM/PC temperature control.
    2. One PC connects more than one muffle furnace.  Available to record and transmit analysis data for each set, including sample number, sample mass, heating time, results.

    High Reliability and Efficiency
    The temperature could rise to 950 °C within 15 mins. Multiple batches of tests could be carried in a day.

    Easy Operation  1. Easy to read temperature and time with LCD backlight.
    2. Furnace hole on front door is available for calibration. 

    Customized Setting 1. Automatically complete the temperature controlling procedure by choosing different program. (Slow ash and volatile matter program are available for choice)
    2. The heating temperature and time could be adjusted by user.

    Model 5E-MF6400 5E-MF6100K
    Conforms to Method AS 1038.3, ASTM D1102/D3174/D7582/E830,
    UNI EN 15148, UNI EN15403, UNI EN ISO 18122, ISO 562, ISO 18123,
    TGA ASTM D7582, TGA AS 1038.3, GB/T 212, GB/T 28731, GB/T 30732, MTT 1087
    Embedded Furnace Wire Yes /
    Max. Temp. 1000
    Temperature Control Precision ±3
    Power Supply Single phase, AC220±10%, 50/60Hz, ≤4 kW
    Net Weight 60kg
    Furnace Size(L×W×H) 300mm×200mm×120mm
    Dimension(L×W×H) 740mm×400mm×670mm

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