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Taicang Port Returned “Poisonous Coal”

June.26 Coal

Recently, a batch of imported coal from Iran was returned by the Taicang Port because the toxic elements in coal exceeded the standard, which was the first case found in Taicang Port.

The total weight of coal was about 1 million tons, arriving in Taicang Port on April 19. Site staff carried out the sampling as required. The test result showed that the fluorine content in this batch of coal exceeded 1.5 times. Taicang Inspection and Quarantine Department issued a return certificate in strict accordance with the operating procedures, effectively maintaining the ecological security of the country.

According to the introduction, fluorine ion is extremely active ion, which will not appear in a separate state. However, the high temperature coal combustion will release and generate toxic and corrosive hydrogen fluoride, which is harmful to human eyes, skin, respiratory organ, and may lead to plant tissue necrosis. These harmful elements have strong destructive effects on human health and ecological environment.

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