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The 10th Units Plastometric Indices Tester Installed In Australia Market


Recently CKIC Team installed another new Plastometric Indices Tester in Australia market in 2017. CKIC Fully automatic Plastometric Index Tester is the unique fully automatic model for testing the X and Y indices of coal and coke existed in the market.

One of our Australia customers shared his ideas that for evaluating coals for coke making, one of the key parameters is their inherent ability to soften, become plastic, and resolidify into a coherent mass when heated. Therefore the thermoplastic property of coal is a very important parameter in determining whether a coal is suitable for coke making. Therefore different methods such as dilatation and fluidity tests have been developed for measuring this property; however these tests were conducted under very different conditions from the thermal conditions occurred during the coking process inside a coke oven. The Sapozhnikov test (Y and X indices), originated from Russia, is probably the only standardized bench scale test which uses a sole heated oven capable of simulating the thermal conditions close enough to the coke coking process, lots of work has been done in China to relate the Y index to coke properties. In fact, the Y value is the one of the parameters which are used in classifying coals in China. Therefore, In Russia and China, Standard GOST1186 and GB 479 of Sapozhnikov test has been developed and applied to evaluate the coking coal for years.

Plastometirc Indices Determination is the significant testing parameter in the coking performance of bituminous coal, 5E-PL300B Automatic Plastometric Indices Determinator which is used to determine the maximum thickness of plastic layer Y and final contraction value of plastic layer X, they can show the performance of bitnuminous coal directly. The highlight of the equipment is full-automatic test process, it makes sure the experimental results reliable without human interference as well as increasing the efficiency to keep the analyst away from dust and other harmful substance.  Outside of China, 5E-PL300B has been exported to Mongolia, Australia, United States, Canada, Indonesia, India etc.

International Organization for Standardization (ISO) TC 27 committee is working on drafting the standard for Sapozhnikov test, and owing to the wide application in the coking coal test laboratories, 5E-PL300B will be actively involved in ILS afterwards to check the consistence, which contributes to develop the standards.