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CKIC Participates 1st International Symposium on Standardization and Governance Meeting


In Nov. 20, 2016, the 1st International Symposium on Standardization and Governance was held in Changsha, China. Over 50 delegates from Chinese and American Research Institutes, Official Standard Organizations, Universities, and enterprises participated the conference.

The topic of the meeting is the critical role of standardization, which aims at synchronizing the theory with practice, and enhancing the industry and technology innovation that driven by standardization. With the globalization, to create a transparent and fair competition atmosphere under standardization will benefit the industry growth.

As a manufacturer that pioneering in quality standard system in China, CKIC was invited to present the progress and outlook of standardization strategy during international trading.  Since CKIC is specializing in developing and manufacturing laboratory instruments that used for metrology, to fully comply with the standard is the baseline.

CKIC introduces the main five steps in standardization strategy:

1. Apply the standards when designing and developing the instrument, and spend efforts on combining the ASTM, ISO, GB and CEN standards in one instrument;
2. Organize the training on standard difference to help customer further understand and solve the coal trading dispute;
3. Actively participate the ILS testing and donate equipment for ISO standard organization to support the development of standards;
4. Become technical Committee Member of Standard Organization and contribute to proposing and synchronizing the standards;
5. Investigate the customer’s potential demand deeply, and develop new method or equipment to speed up standard Innovation

After the meeting, the scientists and professors highly appraised CKIC’s involvement that contributing to standard innovation, and showed great interest in further interaction with CKIC in the future.

CKIC is on the way to support the standardization with social responsibility and mission.