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CKIC Now Offers Free Sample Testing!


- Not sure which instrument is suitable for your sample
- Worry about your investment on unqualified equipment
- Lack of experience to perform the test according to standards

Now it has an easy way to help you out: Simply send us a sample of your choice – we will perform a free and non-binding testing of your material and send you an individual test report. Utilize our extensive know-how and test our instruments with your sample! 
Material Overview
suitable, upon consultation
Parameters Coal /Coke Solid Biomass
Solid waste/
Soil/ Clay/
Crude oil/
Heavy oil
Flour/ Cereal/
Corn/ Meat
Proximate Analysis Total Moisture %  
Moisture %(Air Dry Basis)  
Ash %  
Volatile Matter %  
Calorifica Value Analysis Calorific Value
Sulfur Analysis Total Sulfur
Elemental Analysis Carbon %
Hydrogen %
Nitrogen % (Protein)
Ash Fusibility Ash Fusion Temperature (Reducing and Oxidizing)        
Coking Coal Sapozhnikov Plastometer (X,Y value)          
Hardgrove Grindability Index (HGI)          
Trace Elements Fluorine

Easy Steps to Complete Your Request:
1. Contact us by email (info@ckic.net) or leave message on our website (www.ckic.net)
2. Your exclusive support engineer from CKIC will response your requirement within 12 hours for further consultation.
3. Send us your material to following address after receiving CKIC’s confirmation.

Contact Information:
Tel: 86-731-84879027
ADD: No. 172 Kaiyuan Road, Changsha Economic & Technological Development Zone, Changsha, P. R. China

Prepare your sample and send to us now!