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Bring Down the Curtain on the 9th Overseas Training Seminar

June.01 Training Seminar

The 9th overseas training seminar of CKIC has been held from 2016.05.09 to 2016.05.13. 32 delegates both old and new from 11 countries attended this training from afar. They are from the third-party testing organizations, university science laboratory and CKIC worldwide agency or end users. Currently , CKIC has penetrated the markets of over 50 countries. People from all over the world come to CKIC to attend the training seminar.

As the leading manufacturer, CKIC is not only dedicated to help customers to maximize their profits, but also keep innovating to make better instruments to satisfy more demands. In this training seminar, except sharing the information of coal quality control, CKIC has also shared the latest development of CKIC Instruments applied in the biomass and food industry.

CKIC has arranged the operating practice training after each theory lecture. Many delegates said that : “ It is so wonderful to combine the theory with the operating practice. CKIC has a wonderful training system with perfect services”. The practical topic and lively discussion were highly praised by all the attendances.

In the last day of the training seminar , we have arranged the city tour around Changsha. A delegate from the Pakistan said that : “ I have learned a lot from this seminar. And I made many friends in the same field from other countries, which makes me benefit a lot from the discussion with them”.

0n the May 13th, 2016, a dinner in the West Lake Restaurant brings down the curtain of the 9th overseas training seminar.

CKIC is 24 years old this year, and with its vibrant energy it has the passion of a young person, especially in its ambition to explore and experience the wider world. As the slogan goes , CKIC is more than the right solutions. Facing the world to find the differences, CKIC creates high-quality products depending on the science and technology with excellent services.