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“Further Step” to Tajikistan Market - Benefit from the Silk Road Economic Belt


Recently CKIC has accomplished the installation and commissioning of a turnkey solution for the accredited laboratory in Dushanbe Coal Mining Company, Tajikistan.

The Lab has great reputation and provides physical & chemical parameters of coal such as calorific value, moisture, ash, volatile matter, total sulfur and hydrogen content for the big coal mining site in Tajikistan.

After successful installation and training, CKIC’s Automatic Calorimeter, Proximate Analyzer (TGA), Sulfur Analyzer and Elemental Analyzer are working satisfactorily which can make the analysis easier, and also offers an effective support for coal management and guiding production.

As a brilliant achievement to help build the advanced accredited Laboratory, CKIC team are honored to be interviewed together with them by the local media.

Tajikistan is an important part of the Silk Road Economic Belt, slated to be established along the ancient Silk Road trade route – which stretched northwest from China’s coastal area through Central Asia, the Middle East and on to Europe.

Under the background of Joint collaboration between Silk Road Economic Belt, we made a further step to Tajikistan market, and will lay a firm foundation for CKIC development in Silk Road Economic Belt countries.