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Developing Together, Be Integrated To Succeed


In order to further strengthen cooperation with overseas agents worldwide, and establish mutually beneficial collaboration, CKIC held the 1st annual Overseas Agency Meeting in Changsha, China in May, 2016. Agents from the UK, Russia, Mexico, Indonesia, Philippines, Malaysia, South Korea, Pakistan, South Africa attended the meeting.

Mr. Chen Xi Min, Vice President of CKIC, began the meeting by welcoming all agents to the historic city of Changsha, and shared the development of CKIC’s overseas marketing from zero to current 50 countries. To illustrate CKIC’s win-win strategy of deploying resources for the best overall results, he cited a famous fable from ancient China, called “Tian Ji’s Horse Racing” in which a man wins the best of three races by allocating his horses in the smartest possible way.

Mrs. Susan Wang, Overseas Director, followed by summarizing CKIC’s global sales turnover in 2015, describing the sales contribution from each industry. To penetrate the markets in different industries, she introduced CKIC’s “SIX STEPS” (Market Survey - Strategy - Benchmarking - Convince - Spread - Secure) to describe how to rapidly break into the target market, develop market share and consolidate market position.

Thirdly, Ms. Tina Zhang, Overseas manager, introduced CKIC agency management system, elaborating how the system enables CKIC to provide a strong support with market development, services, training and spare parts supply. To encourage agents to approach the market more effectively, CKIC sales team and R&D experts shared the competence of CKIC knockout products in detail, absorbing the feedback from agents for further improvement.

Finally both Grade A agents from Korea and Pakistan shared their marketing and service success stories, explaining that confidence, passion and a practical approach are the critical means of achieving success. The UK agent shared marketing experiences from the food industry starting from SGS (SVA), which gave other agents clues on how to expand into the food and biomass industry.

A worldwide agent network is the foundation of CKIC expansion in overseas market. Through face-to-face communication, agents have deepened their sense of identity with CKIC’s culture and marketing strategy, which makes it much easier for agents to evolve from business partners to allies. We look forward to convening the 2nd annual Overseas Agency Meeting in Changsha in 2017 and again thank all parties to this inaugural meeting for their invaluable contributions.