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CKIC won Vinh Tan Power Plant BOT project from Vietnam Electric(EVN)

December.28 Power Plant

On December 9, 2016, CKIC successfully signed a supply contract on coal analysis equipment for the BOT Project of Vietnam Vinh Tan Power Plant with Guangdong Design Institute of Energy China. The contract covers all types of samples and laboratory equipment for coal as received and coal as fired, amounting to over $2 million. The smooth signing of the project marks the development of the overseas market in CKIC. In particular, CKIC has taken an important step forward to the Vietnamese market.

This project started from November, 2006. The contract, Government Guarantee Agreement, Purchase and sale of electricity agreement, Coal supply agreement and Coal Transportation Agreement were signed in December, 2013. Located in Pinh Thuan, Vietnam, the project has a construction scale of two 600,000-kilowatt supercritical thermal power units, whose total investment is estimated at 1.755 billion US dollars. The planned construction period is 48 months and the franchised operation period is 25 years. After the expiration, the project will be handed over to the Vietnamese government free of charge. All the construction should be completed and put into operation in the first half of 2019. The annual generating capacity is around 9.5 billion kwh. It is currently the largest Chinese enterprise in Vietnam to invest in power plant projects, but also the first BOT power project of Chinese enterprises in Vietnam.

The project is mainly in the charge of China Southern Power Grid Corporation. The general contractor for 
Guangdong Design Institute of Energy China. and Guangdong Thermal Power Engineering Co., Ltd. formed a consortium. The main engine and auxiliary equipment will be all made in China. CKIC positively responded for the biding of laboratory equipment on coal quality analysis. CKIC not only offers the proposal supports including capacity match, working station circulation, indoor layout, civil engineering programs, staff and other comprehensive and professional coal analysis technology, but also put forward professional advice to ensure the convenience of material flow and personnel according to the needs of Coal Analysis Laboratory.

The scale of this project is relatively rare in the EPC project. As the largest power plant project for Chinese enterprises to invest in Vietnam, the scope of coal analysis includes all the coal sample and laboratory equipment of the whole 600,000 kilowatts thermal power plant. The supplier qualification, design and manufacturing capabilities, overseas operating experience, on-site service training and remote technical support have high requirements, which is reflected in the EPC project’s equipment of CKIC in the comprehensive strength.

What's also worthwhile to mention is that this supply includes sample preparation combined apparatus (5E-PAB2×2), which is the first overseas application of CKIC's fully automatic sample preparation equipment. Its' commissioning and operations will provide valuable experience on the overseas promotions of fully automatic sample preparation equipment.