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CKIC Online Coal Quality Analysis System Successfully Installed in Pakistan


Recently, a good news came from Thar Power Plant of Pakistan that CKIC 
Online Coal Quality Analysis System has been put into operation officially. This project was undertaken by CKIC, and smoothly passed the completion acceptance of the general contractor and the owner after a series of work including installation, commissioning, training, and trial operation.

2×330MW Coal-Fired Power Plant in Thar, Pakistan is one of the major energy projects of "One Belt And One Road" and China-Pakistan economic corridor construction.CKIC Online Coal Quality Analysis System includes 1 set of 5E-SOLAS Online Analyzer and 2 sets of 5E Cross Belt Sampler supporting the former. CKIC Online Coal Quality Analysis System is able to analyze the total sulfur, ash, moisture, and calorific value online in real time, providing timely and accurate data support for the rapid analysis of coal as received and the blending of coal as fired.

5E-SOLAS Online Analyzer is the new, disruptive technology launched by CKIC for coal quality online rapid analysis, which can be widely used in thermal power, coal washing, coal mixing and blending, coal chemical industry, cement plant, etc. The system adopts integrated container-type structure and can be placed outdoors directly without matching civil work. The inner structure mainly consists of sample preparation unit and XRF analysis unit. The preparation unit realizes docking with sampler (belt, truck, or train sampler) by stainless steel pipeline, absorbs coal samples from the sampler after crushing by negative pressure, and then conveys those samples to XRF analysis unit. The content of sulfur, silicon, aluminum, iron in coal is determined rapidly by spectrum method, and the ash and calorific value are given by fitting. Meanwhile, the total moisture content is analyzed by moisture analysis unit (based on thermogravimetric method). It only take 2 minutes from acquiring analysis sample to attaining analysis results. The system fulfills automatic and unattended operation, and the testing data can be uploaded to fuel management system or coal conveying program control in real time.

Compared with past online analysis technology that applies radioactive source or neutron activation, this system has advantages such as safe without radiation (no usage license is required), accurate results, wide adaptability in coal type, convenient calibration and maintenance, low use cost. 1 set of instrument is able to realized docking with 2 sets of samplers, reducing the cost of investment.

In recent years, with the continuous progress of fuel intelligent construction in thermal power enterprises, all major coal enterprises have gradually improved the automatic sampler and automatic sample preparation device, and upgrading the equipment for the last procedure: analysis, becomes particularly urgent. Relying on rich experience in the field of coal sampling, preparation, and analysis, together with our strong R&D and production strength, CKIC launched 5E-SOLAS Online Analyzer and 5E-RILS Robotic Intelligent Laboratory System two blockbuster products, making breakthrough both in automatic and unattended laboratory analysis and online coal quality analysis. This means CKIC has fulfilled linking the whole process of sampling, sample preparation and analysis unattended, helping users constantly improving the intelligent level of the fuel management.