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How to set the program of MF6000?

For the common program, you need to set up the temperature what you want  first, the default temperature is 920℃. You can set as the following steps:

1. Press "Reset" two times, then press "setup”, after input 622, press “Start”, the "Temperature Screen" will show the first temperature. After Input the first aim temperature, press "Setup", then the "Time Screen" will be modified, input the time for the first aim temperature, then press "Setup". The first temperature and time is finished.

2. Setting the second temperature and time according the same step, After Input the aim temperature, press "Setup", then input the time for the second aim temperature/"Setup" /input the third aim temperature /"Setup" /input the time for the third aim temperature/"Setup"/then save automatic. It's the end for setting

3. If you want run this program, press the common program key and start into key, it will be ok, it is easy to change this program as the above, and there is no relationship with the calibration temperature.