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How to calibrate calorimeter of C5500?

Before you start calibrating the instrument , something must be noted :
1.Please start calibrate after 24h when you changed the water .
2.Keep the room temperature stable .

Calibration process:
1. Open the software , click “system setting” . Input the calorific value of benzoic acid ,change the analysis content into “Calibrating Heat Capacity By Benzoic Acid”(Figure 1 and Figure 2)
Figure 1

Figure 2

2. After finished setting , click “Start Analysis” and input the weight of benzoic acid (1g±0.1g) (Figure 3 and Figure 4)
Figure 3

Figure 4

3. After finished analyzing 5 samples , click “Function- Calculate Average Heat Capacity” and choose those five results , click “Calculate The Average Value” , then you will get the average value and RSD , at last , click “Save” to save the value .(Figure 5 and Figure 6)
Figure 5

Figure 6

4. Now calibration has been finished .
After calibrating , we need to do verification to check the calibration .
Verification process :
(1) Click “system setting ” again , and change analysis content into “Calorific Value”(Figure 7)
Figure 7

(2) Click “Start Analysis” (two samples or more), input the sample weight (1g±0.1g). And record the results .(Figure 8)
Figure 8

(3) Calculate the average value of these results . If the difference between the average value after minus 40J/g and the calorific value of benzoic acid is 60 J/g , the calibration is good .