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Whether C5500 Automatic Calorimeter can update from bench-top into vertical type

In order to save the space, a Vertical type calorimeter from CKIC is available. CKIC give the solution to change from Bench-top type to Vertical type
Step 1: Prepare the spare parts required
Name ERP No. Specification Quantity Unit Picture
Bracket 212009048 C5500B-00F 1 Pcs
Clamp 3111300038 φ60 2 Pcs
Bellows 50431383 φ54.5*48 1.5 m
Pipe 3090201003 φ15/φ11 6 m

Step 2: Adjust the horizontal of the bracket
The horizontal of the bracket is very important to keep the stable performance of the calorimeter. Put the spirit level on the bracket, adjust the
four feet on the floor to reach the horizontal.

Step 3: Load the chiller and controller
The chiller load on the bottom while the controller on the top Controller Chiller.

Step 4: Follow the number to change the pipe from the side to the top

Each hole from Side(B) to Top(A) has already been marked with numbers 1/2/3/4. Take out the pipe from Side(B) and follow the numbers to connect to inside of Top(A).

Step 5: Cut the pipe and hidden into the bellows

Step 6: Connect the pipe from the chiller to the controller
Follow the number again to connect the pipe from Top(A) from the chiller to Side(C) from the controller.