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Abnormal stop at analysis 3 with error in a row, even with blank sample.

Process to solve the problem:

The error list of the latest software as below:

Sweep1, sweep9: piston can’t reach the bottom in regular

Reason1. nitrogen switch off or pressure is not enough

Reason2. down Hall sensor is broken

Reason3. tank piston is blocked

Reason4. SV7/D3 magnetic valve or relay is broken.

Sweep8, burn3: piston can’t reach the top in regular

Reason1. oxygen switch off or pressure is not enough

Reason2. the whole gas circuit is leak

Reason3. the furnace combustion tube is blocked, need to clean

Reason4. up Hall sensor is broken

Reason5. ballast piston is blocked

Analysis3: TCD padding pressure won’t reach the setting value

Reason1. the current limiter AS10 need to adjust again (if you guide the main exhaust outdoor, padding resistance will increase)

Reason2. PV4 relay is breakdown (power on state)

Burn2: please check whether the sample is blocked or not, because no detection of burning

Reason1. sample block in the furnace cover

Reason2. sample block in the slider

Reason3. make sure with carbon in the sample, if it is NH4NO3, special dispose is required.