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How to test the calorific value of oil stuff?

Calorific value test, application in oil sample:

1 Calorimeter: 5E-AC/PL, 5E-C5500or 5E-C5800
2:Oil sample : Heavy oil with low volatility
3:officinal capsule: Buy from market or CKIC.
4: syringe :
5:Briquetting machine:

Step 1: Do CV test for the capsule
1. Press the capsule into small pieces as below picture:
2. Do the CV test for capsule with calorimeter
According to common operation procedure.

See the test result:

The CV for capsule(addative) we use inCKIC, average value :18.558J/g

Step2 :Do CV test for Oil sample:
1. Fill oil into the capsule as below:
Open the cover of the capsule then
Inject the oil with a syringe;
Weighing the Oil mass after injection;
The mass of oil should almost around
0.5~0.7g, Reduce the Oil mass if
it’s CV is Much higher than 40MJ/kg

2. Install the ignition wire as below photo:
Ignition wire can circle around the
Capsule while should not touch the Crucible .

3. Oxygen gas charging pressure for bomb should also be 2.8~3.1Mpa
Test result for oil sample in CKIC as below:

Note : The test report should point out the CV didn’t take the Moisture in the Oil into consideration.